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Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad Co.
Diesel Locomotives

  1606             RS-3                                     LSI-1606-2
North Vancouver, BC       08/07/1971                    Gary Oliver Photo
         Right front 3/4 view.  On lease to PGE.

  2301             U23C                                     LSI-2301-1
North Vancouver, BC       10/01/1972               Gary Oliver Collection
         Right front 3/4 view.  Coupled at rear.  On lease to PGE.

  2302             U23C                                     LSI-2302-1
North Vancouver, BC       06/12/1971               Gary Oliver Collection
         Left front 3/4 view.  On lease to PGE.

Later's of Canada Limited
Work Equipment

    ??             Weed Spray Car                             LOC-??-2
Vancouver, BC             09/22/1962                    Gary Oliver Photo
         Left front 3/4 view.  On Granville Island.

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